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Viola da Gamba Society of America

Early MusiChicago

Société Française de Viole

Viola da Gamba Society (United Kingdom)

Viola da Gamba Society of Belgium

Die Viola da Gamba Gesellschaft

Historical Bass Website (J. Morton)

The Double Bass and Violone Internet Archive (by Jerry Fuller)

The Vázquez Collection of Historical String Instruments

Sven Rössel's Home Page

Fausto Cangelosi, baroque bow maker (Italy)

Aquila Corde Armoniche (Mimmo Peruffo, Strings Maker in Vicenza, Italy)

David Bellugi - Recorder (flauto dolce)

Koufuku's Strings Workshop

Jonathan Dunford ("Viola da Gamba" Site)

Phoenix - Israel Consort of Viols

David T. Van Zandt (Violin Maker in Seattle, Washington)

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