The Instruments - Gli strumenti

H. JAYE (English bass viol, 1624) Busch
G tuning VIOLONE after E. BUSCH (festooned, Germany 1640)
A. & H. AMATI (Italian bass viol, 1611) Maggini
VIOLONE after G. P. MAGGINI (tuning machines)
G. P. MAGGINI (Italian bass viol, early XVII c.) Salo'
VIOLONE after G. DA SALO' (tuning machines - pegs)
M. COLICHON (French bass viol, 1691) Maggini
G. P. MAGGINI (Italian tenor viol, early XVII c.)
Tielke icon
J. TIELKE (German bass viol, Hamburg, 1699) Hoess
R. HOESS (German treble viol, 1690)
G. DA SALO' (Italian bass viol, late XVI c.) Amati violin
VIOLIN: A. AMATI Carlo IX (Cremona, Italy, 1566)

Other available models - Altri strumenti disponibili

Models after: J. ROSE (English bass viol, 1600); R. MEARES (English bass viol); N. BERTRAND (French bass viol, end of XVIIth cent.); GOLDT (German bass viol, Tielke's school, 1768); J. TIELKE (German bass viol, XVIIIth c., 6- 7 strings); J. STEINER (German bass viol, late XVIIth cent.); G. B. CICILIANO (Italian tenor bass viol, XVIth cent.)... and any other model on musician's request.

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